After teaching from other coursebooks for a couple of years, & finding myself constantly producing supplementary worksheets & explanation sheets, I eventually saw the light & decided to produce my own workbook!

It contains what I call the ‘building-blocks’ of Spanish, with explanations in plain English.

The course I teach follows this 144 page, 14,000+ word workbook, which is available from me for 16€. All new beginner & not-quite-beginner students need to purchase this book, but I find that many new intermediate students will also want a copy, because they find it useful.

For Improvers & Intermediate students I have produced the ‘Learn-Aprender Nivel 2’ book. This has a revision of the ‘fiddly bits’ & 10 different tenses. This is available from me for 6€.

I’ve even had students buy copies for their family members in other countries – copies of my books have found their way to Australia!

Once you have the paper copy, if you would like a free pdf version for your kindle or e-reader let me know.

The Learn-Aprender Workbooks