Lynn is amazing!!

I want to give Lynn a special thank you for being the best teacher ever!!

She has been teaching me via Skype for about a year now – and has been so patient despite the dementia issues I have.

She’s calm… laughs with me not at me… doesn’t get offended when I swear like a Pompey Fishwife… and has helped me move from “getting by” to speaking much more confidently in every day life.

I appreciate that I’m tougher to teach than many because of the issues I have… but she’s awesome! I’d asked to be able to pass my citizenship exam and to not panic when five Spanish ladies all chat to me at once in the panadería queue. Getting there!!!

If someone had told me (before I started learning with Lynn) that today I would have been having quite an in depth conversation in Spanish about the differences in life in Paraguay, England and our little town here in Spain – I’d have laughed with disbelief. But that’s what my friend and I did today. That’s all thanks to you Lynn. It was hard work – but we got there. Oh and I had her wetting herself laughing when I was telling her about the silly mistakes I used to make before (ordering “polla” instead of “pollo”… telling someone “Soy caliente” instead of “tengo calor”… and ordering 4 kilos of chicken livers instead of a quarter kilo).

The only equivalent I’ve heard the other way around is when a Spanish bar owner here asked (in her very best English) if I wanted “cock” instead of “the cork”. When I explained what she’d actually said, she was on the floor.

Thanks again Lynn – you’re amazing!!