I am having fun learning Spanish

Having never spoken another language I went into learning Spanish with an open mind. After some research I felt that one to one sessions would be best and I have backed that up with a group session by way of revision. Various recommendations were made yet I made a web search and from the names provided Lynn´s website was business like and so off I went.
At first it all seemed a mystery , a bit like a thriller novel, but as the weeks passed the “light bulbs” came on and it started to come together. The course is built constructively with plenty of practice. Be prepared to be nagged frequently when you miss pronounce something but take those as key learning points. It´s a fundamental part of the learning and at times funny. i.e. “años” for years but not “anos” !!.
I have never had a moment of thinking “this is too hard” with a view to giving up. Lynn is well organised and leaves nothing to chance. Lynn´s approach works for me. If you are serious about learning Spanish then I would strongly recommend Lynn. If she can get me “over the line” she can get anyone there. Thank you Lynn.