Highly recommended – brings enjoyment to learning Spanish.

We have been studying with Lynn for over a year. Despite living in the same beautiful town, the classes have mostly taken place via Skype due to the COVID restrictions, but the Skype lessons do work very well.
Lynn is a great teacher, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She has extensive grammatical knowledge, but the important trait for us is that she has a knack for explaining in a simple way how and why the language is structured the way it is. She also makes our classes fun.
She is flexible in her approach and has adapted her classes for us as we were at slightly different levels when we started.
We originally thought we’d benefit most from a native Spanish teacher but have changed our opinion. Lynn has lived in Spain for many years and having learned the language herself can understand our confusion at times and she knows how to get over some of the hurdles we face.
It’s evident that she puts in many hours in the pursuit of helping people progress with Spanish, both with the hours she puts into her classes/students and the effort with associated web forums.
We have no hesitation in recommending Lynn.
Wendy & Glenn.